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North Bridge buses (Bus Nos 3,7,8,29,31,37,47,Skylink 300)

Where to get on the bus.

Exit Waverley station by following the signs for Way Out - Princes Street.  Once on Princes Street walk along past the Balmoral Hotel and turn left onto North Bridge.

On the left hand side of the road there are 3 bus stops on the bridge. The second bus stop is for bus numbers 3, 8 & 29. The third bus stop is for bus numbers 7, 31, 37 & 47. These are liable to change so check the bus stop signs as you walk along.

Click bus number for timetable 3, 7, 8, 29, 31, 37, 47

The bus will take you along North Bridge, South Bridge, Nicholson Street, Clerk Street & South Clerk Street. At the top of Minto Street you come out of the shops and the road becomes more residential.

Where to get off  the bus.

From the top of Minto Street you want the 5th bus stop. In case you lose count keep an eye out for a row of shops about half
way down Minto Street on the right hand side and the next bus stop on the left is the 4th. After the bus has gone past this stop ring the bell as the next stop is the one you want just past a row of shops on the right.

You are now in Mayfield Gardens the road which runs parallel to Mayfield Road. Cross the road and turn right into East Savile Road. Turn right into West Savile Road and at the end turn right into Mayfield Road and the Smiths Guest House is just down the road on the right.

            Top of Minto Street

Row of shops half way down Minto Street
Directions from Edinburgh Waverley Station by Bus

 There are 2 main bus routes that come out to the South of the City close to Smiths Guest House.

Number 42 & 67 buses. These buses run right past Smiths Guest House B & B every 30 minutes. You get these buses from The Mound which is a 5 minute walk through Princes Street Gardens.

North Bridge buses - Bus numbers 3, 7, 8, 29, 31, 37 & 47 that run down the road parallel to Mayfield Road they are much more frequent averaging every 5 minutes.

So although the 42 & 67 buses are more direct they are not as frequent as the North Bridge buses.

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Note: All Lothian buses do not give change as the drivers don't handle the money so make sure you have the right coins £1.50 single, £4.00 for a day ticket. However they will happily take a £10 note for a single fare!


Number 42 & 67 buses

Where to get on the bus.

Exit Waverley station up the road ramp that the taxis use. This will bring you out onto Waverley Bridge. Turn right then left into Princes Street Gardens and walk along until you get to The Mound.

The No.42 & No.67 bus stop is nex to the Royal Scottish Academy.

Click here for No.42 bus timetable.
Click here for No.67 bus timetable.

Where to get off the bus.

This route will take you up Market Street turn left on the Mound, across the Royal Mile, along George IV bridge and then turn left past Edinburgh University (George Square) down Causewayside, Ratcliffe Terrace and onto Mayfield Road.

Keep an eye out for The Old Bell pub on the left and then the church at the next set of traffic lights at the top of Mayfield Road. After the bus has gone past the bus stop at the church ring the bell because yours is the next stop and the buses tend to speed up down the hill.

You go past the guest house just before the bus stop.