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Torin our Newfie.

Sadly Torin died 8th November 2017 aged 8 years old which is about average for a newfie. We miss him very much but he had a a very good life which is all you can hope for any dog. RIP Torin.

Vital statistics.
Age: 8 Years.
Height : about 42 inches (107cm) to the top of his head.
Weight: about 12 stone, 168lb or 76kg
Appetite: He eats about 2lb (1kg) dried dog food a day plus lots of extras.
Exercise: Little as possible, couch potato, prefers traveling by car, bus or taxi.
Temperament: Kind, gentle, big softie, very mischeivous
Likes: Everyone and everything (particularly children), going for walks, going to the pub, guinness, eggs and bacon, cheese, doggy chocs, flaked fish food, having his tummy tickled, eating the diary and eating the visitor's book. Dislikes water he will paddle but won't swim!

3lb in weight and 1 minute old
    (His mum Libby had 9 pups)

Torin with his

Torin comes home
    (8 weeks old)

Bath time


Cheese! (Take # 1)

Andrex Puppy audition - Next!

I'm not coming out.
Torin does lap dog
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Torin with his best pal Fiver

Love you.

Mmmm Doggy Beer!